Meeps Holiday Gift Guide–For the friends who are more like family

It’s no secret, holiday shopping can be a pain. You’ve got to get gifts for friends, parents, husbands, wives, kids…the list goes on and on and on. And once the gifts are given, there’s the holding your breath and crossing your fingers in hopes your loved one doesn’t flash you a fake smile, and a forced “I love it!” To call it nerve-racking would be an understatement.  But fear not, because we’ve got you covered. Check out the blog this month for our daily gift guide of great finds for everyone on your list–their satisfaction guaranteed.

This one is for the ladies. If you’re anything like us, you and your friends have a pretty tight bond. The bracelets above, dubbed “Love Wraps,” are reminiscent of the friendship ones you made in summer camp, only way chicer. Hand-crafted by DC artist, Leeor Vylet Pilo of Vylet Collections, these babies are perfect for stacking and come in an array of colors. Stop by the store and pick up one for each of your girls, and yourself, in your favorite hues. It’s a cute, and affordable, way to show your love and signify your bond.

Vylet Collections Love Wraps, $15

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