Feelin’ Presidential

Today’s crisp air can mean only one thing– Halloween is near! Fortunately for us, the brightness of our newly-unveiled Cosmic Costume Room is keeping us warm. And fortunately for YOU that means we’ll be posting costume inspiration to get those gears turning. Find us on Instagram/Twitter for the latest @MeepsDC

It’s easy to love our current First Lady, but what about the First Ladies of yore? During her husband’s presidency, Jackie Kennedy Onassis became a fashion icon, and the pink Chanel suit worn on her husband’s assassination day in 1964 became a lasting image of the decade.

Jackie’s infamous Chanel tweed suit

All unfortunate circumstances aside, her reputation as a stylish and graceful trendsetter remains unquestionable. Here’s our version of the iconic Jackie O:

Dress: $24

Pillbox hat: $19

Gold brocade purse: $26

Scarf: $16

Sunglasses: $14

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