Double Ticket Giveaway! Superchunk & Har Mar Superstar

MEEPS is back with more great music to transition into our fall season!



Get your dancing shoes ready for these two funky shows! Superchunk, 90s famed American indie rockers play at 9:30 club on 9/29. Har Mar Superstar is a different type of groove – R&B with heavy pop hooks. He plays UHall on 9/30…if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the frontman in his tighty whiteys.



Now for the game! If you would like free tickets either of these shows–guess the decade of this glimmering mini dress in this outfit below:

photo (13)


First, make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter, and our fan on Facebook, you’ll have to tweet us your guess or post it under the image, along with your email address. We’ll announce the winners on our blog tomorrow.

*Remember, you can get any of the featured pieces in store now along with our new fall items!

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